Student Lifecycle Management Office



Marlene Gorin

Geschäftsstelle SLCM und stellv. Leitung SLB


+49 241 80 94145



The SLCM office is part of the Student Lifecycle Support and represents the link between both structures. As an interface, the office strengthens the SLCM team, especially with regard to the maintenance and further development of the semester operation of RWTHonline.



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    Financial controlling RWTHonline:
    In order to guarantee the operation and further development of RWTHonline within the framework of student lifecycle management, it is relevant to ensure that the available financial resources are adequately allocated. In addition, analyses and reports must be prepared on an ongoing basis to document these developments.
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    Supporting student lifecycle management:
    The RWTH Rectorate adopted a process-oriented SLCM organizational structure in 2021. Through clearly defined competencies and responsibilities, all areas of the university in the context of studies and teaching can thus be optimally supported in the future, even with changes still to come. The SLCM office strengthens the team on an organizational level.

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