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Student Lifecycle Support is a department of the Center for Teaching and Learning Services at RWTH Aachen University. The main focus of the SLB is the support of software and processes concering Student Lifecycle Management. Therefore, the SLB is divided into three teams with different focuses:

carpe diem!

The focus of the carpe diem! team is on the support and documentation of the platform of the same name for the planning of courses and exams. In addition, they support the faculties' exam and course planners and offer training courses.

The goals of the central course and examination planning are:

  • Ideal scheduling of classes and examinations for the students
  • The best possible utilization of room capacities
  • Consideration of the availability of lecturers

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Studies and Teaching Process Management

The Studies and Teaching Process Management team, together with department 6.2 – Teaching, ensures the operation of the process portal Studies and Teaching. They supervise the methodology for recording processes in the portal and support RWTH Aachen University in analyzing, documenting, and optimizing processes in the area of studies and teaching.

The three goals of process management are:

  • Improved understanding of organizational relationships
  • Clarity about responsibilities and tasks of one's own organizational unit and beyond
  • Improved information flow between all parties involved

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SLCM office

The focus of the office is on the financial controlling of RWTHonline and the support of the student lifecycle management at RWTH Aachen University.

The goals of the SLCM organizational structure are:

  • Permanently stable semester operation with RWTHonline
  • Continuous optimization and needs-based development of systems and processes related to studying and teaching
  • Optimal support of all process participants through process- and solution-oriented moderation and monitoring on the part of the SLCM team consisting of faculties, ZHV, and the IT Center.

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